Succubus Acidwash Tee

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”Once upon a time, there was a beautiful demon named Lilith who roamed the earth at night, seducing men in their dreams. She was known as a succubus, a creature that fed on the sexual energy of men. Lilith would appear to her victims as their deepest desires, luring them into a trance-like state before draining them of their life force. Many men fell victim to her charms, unable to resist her seductive powers. However, Lilith's reign of terror came to an end when she was banished to the underworld by the archangel Gabriel. Despite her punishment, the legend of the succubus lived on, warning men to beware of the dangers of temptation and desire.”

  • 100% Ringspun cotton
  • Highdensity screenprinted graphic
  • Damask woven Savage Village label
  • Preshrunk; we recommend ordering up one size if you’re “in-between” sizes

Font/logo design by Shipwreck

”Succubus” graphic by Unorthodox Aura