Mushie Pin Full Set

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Zach Julen x Savage Village

In a dark, damp area of the woods, something beautiful is growing slowly & peacefully. Mushrooms or fungi grow in all shapes and sizes, there is no right or wrong way for it to grow, & on that path of growth it provides nutrients for every living thing in the surrounding ecosystem. The world needs to be more like mushrooms, and for that task we have the “Mushie ?” To spread the infinite positivity and help us grow as a whole.

2 blind bag per person 

(for first 3 hours / limited lifted at midnight)

• LE75 OG

• LE50 Ano

• LE35 Mind (Black Metal)

• LE25 Copper

• LE15 Murder

• Two Piece pin set

- Top piece: 2" x 1.5"

- Bottom piece: 1" x 0.6"